Countdown to First Birthday: Prelude (with photos)

When I started this blog, I struggled with the idea of structure.  Having an infinite amount of content ranging from challenges and rewards of raising multiples to fatherly anecdotes to just good old fashioned venting, I’ve never worried much about having enough inches in a story.  I have, however, been concerned with creating something palatable and easy to follow for anyone who is interested in our story.

Should the posts be random or tie into one another?  When should I be funny and light?  When do I get serious?  How serious do I get?  Do I talk about the past or focus on the present and future?  How much talk about poop is too much talk about poop?  These are real questions.

For the next month, I will be taking the easy way out.  This blog is still in its infancy (pun intended) and for the sake of consistency, I will rely on the calendar for structure over the next month.

As the boys inch closer and closer to their first birthday next month, I will be spending the weeks leading up to February 19 to chronicle the past year with month-by-month recollections, starting with February 19, 2016.  Pictures, videos, highlights, milestones and musings will be the name of the game here.

I will be honest ahead of time…the first couple months are going to be kind of heavy.  There’s not a great way to recap this first year without going through the difficult days early on in some detail.  I hope to give anyone who is interested an understanding of what that experience was like for us and – even more importantly – provide insight as to why we are as proud as we are of these little dudes as they approach 12 months.

The goal here will be to chronicle how far the family has come over the past year and how the further back you look, the harder it is to recognize the person you were before you had kids.

I’m pretty sure I had more hair.  Definitely better posture.

If you’re a parent, I hope there are some areas where you can relate.  If you’re not a parent and this doesn’t speak to you as much, allow this to provide better insight for the blog as a whole going forward.  Everything that will be covered over the next 11 posts has shaped who I am as a parent and who I’ve become as a person.

To provide some perspective for the ensuing posts, below is a picture timeline of the little gentlemen over the last 11+ months.  I hope you enjoy.

Day 1

Month 1

Just one of the many cool things the NICU nurses did.  They often took pictures and made cool collages and signs.  We still have quite a few of them. 
Month 2

Working on their vintage 2002 chin grab poses. Little before their time.
Month 3

We’re all looking at the same ghost.
Month 4

This was the month when they kind of looked like thumbs.
Month 5

Dom reacting to the classic “orange you glad I didn’t say banana” knock-knock joke. Had to explain it to Isaac.
Month 6

Back problems started around this time…
Month 7

Triangle Jedi
Month 8

They started coming into their own from a face-scratching perspective this month.
Month 9

Got ourselves a couple of Les Miles wannabes over here (he eats grass).
Month 10

“Are you gonna smile? Nah, I’m not smiling. Stoic? I dig it…alright, stoic on 3. 1…2…3”
Month 11


This may look cute, but it’s actually a crime scene.

One thought on “Countdown to First Birthday: Prelude (with photos)

  1. Wow… hard to believe Year One is approaching. Truly remarkable… SirDominicPhilip and SirIsaacVincent… the Preston Twin are truly one of the most inspiring stories ever! #OneLoveMiracleFrequency ALWAYS 💙🙏🏻🙌🏻🐻


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